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FPS Records Collection is a division of Freelance Paralegal Services, Inc.  We can relieve the tedium of records requesting and follow-up to free you and your in-house paralegal staff for more important tasks.

We can request medical, employment, disability, workman’s comp, and other records on either a flat fee basis or hourly.

It's Simple:  just give us your signed authorizations and a provider list.  We will mail letters to each provider requesting the records you have indicated.

We will follow up with phone calls so you don’t have to and we will give you hard copies as soon as possible.

We can request records of all types:

  • Medical Records and Bills
  • Employment Records
  • Disability Records
  • Social Security Records
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Workman’s Compensation Records
  • ...And other records.

Our services free-up time of your in-house paralegals for other more pressing tasks.

Defense Attorneys:  select flat fee billing for your flat-fee bid clients and hourly billing for your normal hourly cases.

You pick the billing method that works best for you.  The only extra cost is what is charged by the provider for copying, mailing, and providing notarized affidavits.

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